December 30, 2016

2016 | Year in Review

If I had to use one word to describe my 2016 it would be “WOW”. I fooled even myself when I was able to quit my day job in July. It has been a crazy, faith driven ride so far and I am loving it. Some days I work 12 hours,  look around and wonder how I ever managed this with a full time job. I truly feel I am able to love and serve my brides the way I was always supposed to now that I am full time with this endeavor.

2016, what a ride; we had a venue close down unexpectedly and I had to relocate two weddings. One we had almost a year until their wedding date but the other one we had 3 weeks. That was almost as stressful as relocating Danielle and Jared’s wedding (ironically the venue that saved their wedding day is the one that screwed so many couples. Ugh, Elk Manor, I am still mad at you). We had a hurricane move up the coast for a St. Michael’s wedding. Many thanks to Gourmet by the Bay for their quick actions to ensure a gorgeous wedding day! I worked with some of the best vendors in the industry this year (along with a few choice characters that I wouldn’t ever, in one million years, recommend again). The brides this year were so amazing, so in love, and enjoyed every single moment of their wedding days. I was able to provide floral design services for the first time this year! I had many shoots & weddings published this year. I expanded my design work with brides that trusted me completely and loved the end results. I love this job. I really truly love this job. Here are just some highlights from the year/the weddings the photographers shared their photos with me ;)!

Brittany Thomas Photography

Brad Nguyen Photography

Nicole Barr Photography

Brittany Thomas Photography

Brittany Thomas Photography

Amanda Adams Photography

Brittany Thomas Photography

Michael and Carina Photography

Tracy Marshall Photography

Alicia Lacey Photography

Chelsea Blanch Photography

I have one more wedding in 2016 and that is New Years Eve. Man, oh man…what a year! I am so excited to move full steam ahead in 2017. I am so thankful for each and everyone of you that trusted me on your biggest day!

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