Based on Maryland's Eastern Shore, Sara specializes in weddings with clean aesthetics, charming details, and meaningful moments.  Most of all, she loves bringing the bride's vision to life through a highly-personalized planning experience.


Born and raised in Connecticut, I fell in love with a firefighter/part-time waterman from Southern Virginia. We make our life together on Maryland's Eastern Shore with our sons, Easton and Dean, and our duck-retrieving furball, Mack. With my New England roots and a view of the Chesapeake Bay, I like to think we’re halfway between the country and the country club.

While planning my own wedding in 2014, I wanted to incorporate my husband’s southern heritage and, in the process, I fell in love with the charming details that ultimately converted this Yankee bride to a true Southern belle. 

My story: 


A few of My favorites

Kindness & Love... sprinkled with sarcasm

No matter your level of involvement, wedding planning is hard work! My approach is always one of kindness and love - the details matter, even if they're only temporary. 

I like to serve it up with a side of sarcasm to keep our feet on the ground and our focus on what matters.

A few of My favorites

Lush blooms & fluffy florals

Florals are one of my favorite parts of wedding planning! 

From simple, organic arrangements to lush bouquets on every table, thoughtfully planned florals can make a huge difference in the overall feel of your wedding day. 

My favorites? Peonies and garden roses.

A few of My favorites

Family above everything else

Whether it's spending our down time on the boat with our son, traveling the East Coast to visit friends, or planning a reception that weaves your heritage into the smallest details, I believe family is everything. 

Our history matters and there's nothing more important than the people we love.

A few of My favorites

can't stop, won't stop

I've pinned a hundred different versions of my dream home with no signs of slowing. 

I'm especially inspired by seaside-living, shiplap, muted colors, whitewashed accents, and rustic textures like seagrass and jute.

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I specialize in handling all the logistics of bringing your dream wedding to life – from our initial consultation to the final farewell, we'll carefully style and design all your details from the fabulous florals to the perfect placecard and everything in between. I approach each wedding with a fresh perspective - there is no set formula for design as each bride's individual tastes are my top priority. I blend high-level organization with modern creativity to create luxury events that feel relaxed and effortless.

Because all brides vary in their level of involvement, I offer a range of services from full-service planning to month-of coordination. No matter where you land, each bride receives top-notch care with streamlined questionnaires, joint Pinterest boards, calendar updates, online contracts, and custom design books.


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For better or worse, wedding trends come and go. Designing with the latest styles in mind is fun, but the most important thing is that your day is true to you as a couple. It will be your one and only wedding. It should reflect your own tastes and interests and not simply mirror what's most popular.

love conquers all

one and only


You only get one chance to plan the wedding of your dreams. Most brides are juggling careers, family, and social calendars - wedding planning itself is a full-time job! We'll tackle the logistics and you'll still get to enjoy the the fun parts. This way, you can focus on nurturing your relationship with your future spouse.

While the tiny details are picked by the bride and groom, the wedding day as a whole includes a range of guests including family, friends, and co-workers. Creating an event that is both precise and hospitable is crucial to making your guests feel honored and welcomed.

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