March 1, 2016

Education | 1:1 Mentoring with DSE

KatI am going to keep this post short and sweet. I don’t want to sit here and gush sentence after sentence about Kat and how awesome I think she is (#truestory). I wanted to make this post more for the wedding planner (or wedding professional) just starting out. Hands down the best investment I ever made for my business was signing up for a 1:1 mentoring session with Kat from Dear Sweetheart Events:

  1. For anyone who follows Kat on social media; she is ultimate small business cheerleader. Hello, she created Creative at Heart just for that very reason! Throughout both of my sessions she applauded how far I have come, helped me brainstorm attainable goals for next year, but more than anything she was real with me.
    • For example, I received some advice from an accounting firm that made sense in my mind & I just so happen to mention it during our session. Kat was very honest and said that was horrible advice and suggested a better path to walk down. So thankful! Now I am signed up with a much better accounting firm with amazing customer service. (Shout out to Brittany Thomas for the recommendation)
  2. Kat was an open book and any good mentor should be! If you feel like your mentor is holding back ideas or hiding how they did something, run away! I truly believe those who offer mentoring services to other creatives have hearts like no other. They want to see other succeed and by offering up their mistakes, failures, encouragement, and best practices & they are really telling that creative “I see potential in you and I want you to succeed”. For a struggling business owner this may be just the encouragement they need.
  3. It is critical to invest in yourself! Whether that education is a mentoring session or a conference or a 1 day workshop; whatever it is-never stop growing and learning.



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