February 19, 2016

Wedding Planning | Florals

::Open Pinterest, search wedding flowers, get extremely overwhelmed, close Pinterest, cry::

Does this sound familiar to anyone who has planned a wedding in the past 2-3 years? Wedding florals are such an interesting topic to discuss with my brides. I have asked Lauren from So Lovely Weddings to come and provide some insight to brides currently in the floral planning stages of their wedding.

Can you offer some floral tips to brides currently planning their wedding? 

The question of what is in season and out of season is top on a bride’s mind sometimes.  When we have design consultations I have two types of brides.  The first is the bride who want peonies in her bouquet exactly like she saw on Style Me Pretty or Pinterest and may or may not know what cost depending on season.  The second is the bride who comes in with a theme in mind but really has no idea where to start in what to ask for.  You are probably wondering which one I like better.  My answer might surprise you.  A perfect blend of both is the ideal bride.

When thinking about your flowers it comes down to more than just the type of flowers in your designs.  You need to think about texture, structure, colors and even consider the designs requested. I bring this is up because the “ideal bride” comes to me with images as inspiration but is open to what type of flowers are used to gain that look.  When a designer has this flexibility she is able to use the type of flowers that will get the ideal look the bride is looking for, ensure we are using the proper flowers for that season (Dahlias in the hot summer time don’t work) and most importantly we are able to work within your budget!

So all in all keep in mind your favorite flowers and what is in season, but more importantly, why do you love that flower? Is it the texture, the shape or the color that you adore?  Often we can recreate this for you if your dream blooms are not in season!

Can you offer a quick cost and floral breakdown of some popular bouquets from Pinterest?

Bouquet #1

Lauren-Floral Inspiration

Gem Photo

  • Bouquet breakdown: Coral Charm Peonies
    • Seasonal & fragile
    • Depending on the designer – this bouquet will most likely cost you OVER $400
    • Money Saver: You LOVE the charm peonies but cannot take the hit.  Ask to have less expensive blooms and use the charm peonies as an accent instead.  You could sover over $100 by doing this!


Bouquet #2

Lauren-Floral Inspiration2

Khaki Bedford Photography

  • Bouquet Breakdown:
      • Roses
      • Garden Roses, many varieties
      • Hydrangea
      • Phalaenopsis Spray, Orchid
    • The cost of this bouquet would likely be around $600 or more. This bouquet’s texture should just be all dollar signs.  I am guilty for loving bouquets full of texture.  The more texture we have the higher the price.  Designers have to purchase many different types of blooms to create a bouquet like this.  In addition this bouquet features orchids which are stunning but a budget buster!
    • Tips to Save: Don’t swear off a bouquet of texture but instead ask your floral designer about different fillers that will still create the textured appearance without breaking the bank.  Instead of featuring mainly garden roses consider using a classic rose and spray roses.


Bouquet #3


Megan Kelsey Photography

  • Designed by me
    • Round and full of texture
      • Dahlias
      • Garden Roses
      • Roses
      • Spray Roses
      • Brunia Berries
        • Cost: $ 400
        • Dahlias were seasonal however this bouquet was full of seasonal flowers.  If I attempted to create this bouquet out of season, the cost would nearly double!

Hopefully Lauren’s tips can help you get started on planning florals!


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