January 12, 2016

Education | Intrigued Experience

IntriguedAllow me to introduce you to Intrigue Design. Sarah Campbell (designer and owner) is amazing. She has been identified as the Wedding Expert and leader in the industry. Her floral designs are to.die.for. I am incredibly excited to be partnering with her on an upcoming wedding at Star Bright Farm!

In a few short weeks she will be hosting a workshop at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club called the Intrigued Experience. This is a 3 day, hands-on workshop that will cover floral design, styling, and business education. She has brought together a powerhouse of industry leaders as her educators. There are two aspects of this conference I am most looking forward to.

  • One, is meeting Natalie Franke and Krista Jones. These two ladies are not only exceptional photographers but together have built the Rising Tide Society. They are behind the hashtag #communityovercompetition and that has been a game changer. Some of the greatest friends I have made are in this industry. They push you, they “get” you, and most of all they uplift you. When I started this I felt like I only had my husband and my mom cheering me on. Now, I can text other planners, send a SOS email to a photographer, or just bounce an idea off a florist-99% of the time they are receptive (and have talked me off the ledge of quitting more than once). Natalie and Krista-thank you for helping to build this community.
  • Two, is the vast amount of hands-on experience this workshop will allow for their participants. I felt unstoppable after my one day hands-on workshop, after three days I am not sure the world can handle me!

Overall, I am just excited! Excited to learn, excited to grow, excited to bring out a love of something I never knew I had, excited to meet such amazing talent, and excited for all the surprises Sarah has in store for us! I will be instagramming during the experience (and if I feel real good about myself I might even Periscope. I doubt it but hey, the world is my oyster) so follow along on this ride!

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