July 27, 2017

Real Couples | Lizzy and Alex

Wow, I am having such a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that it is time to introduce you to my fall wedding couples! How is it almost August?! Insanity.

Anyway, Lizzy and Alex are getting married on September 2nd with a church ceremony followed by a reception at the Irvine Nature Center!  I loved Irvine when I was there for a styled shoot and I am SO excited to see this wedding come to life! I won’t spoil the details now because that is what their wedding blog post is for! For now, come meet these sweethearts!

How did you two meet? 
Alex and I met in college through mutual friends. We were both students at Goucher College during the big snowstorm of 2010 and because of all the snow, classes were canceled for almost a week straight.  During that time, we really started spending time together and developed a strong friendship. About 3 months later at Goucher’s annual “Get Into Goucher” day (a festival for the whole school with food, musical acts, and games) he kissed me and the rest is history!
How did he propose? 
It was Saturday, December 10, 2016.  He bought tickets for a lunchtime Spirit Cruise around the Inner Harbor. It was something I had always wanted to do and even though it was cold outside, it was really fun! Then he said he wanted to go “walk around” at Goucher for exercise. (I should’ve known something was up.) So we went over to the campus and started walking around and reminiscing.  Finally, we ended up at the chapel and decide to go inside. I start joking around about getting married there and playfully walking down the aisle.  When I got to the front, he starting making nervous jokes and finally he said “so, do I have to get down on one knee?” In complete shock, I said “well, that depends!”  He got down on one knee and proposed.
What has been your favorite part of wedding planning? 
I have really enjoyed dreaming up our perfect day and working with the vendors to make it happen.
What is one piece of advice you can give to a bride planning her wedding right now? 
The wedding day is only one day and it is your day! I try to keep the perspective that it is only one day, so if things are not perfect, life will go on. Alex and I have also tried to stay true to what we want throughout the planning process. There is rarely another time in your life where you and your significant other get to throw a party for yourselves the way that you want!
What are you most looking forward to about your wedding day? 
I am looking forward to spending the day with everyone that we love and marrying my best friend!

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