December 7, 2016

Real Couples | Ashleigh and Brian

Allow me to introduce you to Ashleigh & Brian! Ashleigh is the owner of Type A Invitations. Her work is phenomenal. Seriously, go check her out! These two sweethearts are getting married on New Years Eve in the Baltimore World Trade Center. We will be front row center for the fireworks over Inner Harbor. This is going to be quite the party and I am so excited to help make her vision come true!


How did you two meet? 

Brian and I met on the internet. The extended version is here. (Seriously, you should look at this JUST to see Brian’s picture from his OK Cupid profile, you won’t regret it!) 

How did he propose? 

We had just finished signing all the closing papers on our first home and headed over to our new home! We get to the house and Brian walked me to the back door, out onto our deck, and our entire backyard is filled with family and friends. I see my parents (whom I believed to be in Myrtle Beach) and then my sister (supposed to be in an all-day meeting) and then Brian grabbed my hand and got onto one knee. Before I even had time to absorb what was happening, Brian pulled a small box from his pocket, opened it and said, “Ashleigh Nicole Meusel, will you marry me?” webashleighbrianproposal06

What do you think will be your favorite part of your wedding day? 

The moment that Brian’s first sees me when I’m being walked down the aisle by my dad.

Can you provide some planning advice to brides in the thick of it right now? 

Take a deep breath…or 5! And remember that this day is about more than the table cloth material, what the cake looks like, and if you have uplighting or not. It’s about you and your fiancé’s love for each other, making an eternal bond, and celebrating with those closest to you. That’s what’s most important.


What are you most looking forward to about married life? 

Even though I’m incredibly independent and have very progressive views about women’s rights and our roles in marriage – I’m really looking forward to being able to say that I’m “Mrs. Brian Robinson.” It makes me so proud that I’ll be able to say that I am Brian’s wife because he’s such an amazing man. Adding that title to my identity is an honor.

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