October 18, 2016

Vendor Spotlight | Lauren Perry Studio

My friend, sweet Lauren, is the head boss lady at Lauren Perry Studio. There is literally nothing this girl can’t do. I can come to her with this super vague idea and when that invitation suite gets shipped to my house, it is exactly what I had pictured! Come meet Lauren and learn all about her invitation and calligraphy business!

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1. Why is your heart set on calligraphy/invitation design?
Your wedding invitations are the first glimpse of your wedding that your guests will receive! From the moment your guests open their mailbox and pull out that beautiful little envelope, they have a sense of all of the excitement that will come once the big day arrives! Most of the time when your guests are grabbing their mail, they are inundated with junk mail, and bills. Sending your wedding invitation with hand calligraphy makes that special piece of mail stand out a little bit more, so that your guests will pause and a enjoy seeing their name in calligraphy! They’ll open the invitation and see the love and care that we have put into your design, and catch a little glimpse of the personality they know and love about you and your fiance! Giving your guests that special moment is the reason why I absolutely love calligraphy and invitation design!

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2. How did you get started in the wedding world?
I got started in the wedding world after I watched so many of my friends plan their weddings and have to settle for invitations that they didn’t love. Each of them found beautiful invitations, but they all said the same thing – they wished they could have changed one little part, or tweaked one color. By selecting a pre-designed, mass-produced invitation, they were never able to find a look that perfectly captured their unique relationship. A wedding is a celebration of two people who out of all of the people in the world, found each other, and couldn’t imagine their lives with anyone else. The way that you invite your guests should celebrate the unique aspects of your relationship, whether that is the fact that you met freshman year in Physics class, have a pug obsession, or want to spend every day travelling the world! I started Lauren Perry Studio to provide a way for couples to have custom designed invitations and calligraphy that would celebrate their love story, and make their guests feel special from the moment they open their invitation.

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3. Who is your ideal bride and groom?
My ideal bride and groom is a couple who loves a traditional, southern look with a twist of fun, modern colors and designs! They love cheering on their school’s football team on Fall weekends, and going on adventures together. The groom isn’t quite sure about this whole wedding planning thing, but watching his bride’s eyes light up when she finds just the right wedding shoes makes it all worth it. You can find him spending time with friends on the weekend watching sports or checking out a local craft brewery. The bride is so excited to finally be marrying her best friend, and can’t wait to see how all of the special details she’s planned come together! She’s usually found decked out in preppy clothes and Lilly Pulitzer prints catching up with her friends at brunch; They love finding silly things to laugh about, and believe you should always treat your guests with Southern hospitality!

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4. Why is the invitation design important to the overall wedding design?
The design of your invitation provides a sneak peek into the style of your wedding day. When your guests receive your invitation, they are clued into the level of formality of the event, the color scheme, and your wedding style! This sets the tone for your big day before your guests even arrive. When your invitation portrays a level of formality, your guests know to break out their favorite cocktail dress, when it portrays a fun laid-back look, they know they can leave the heels at home and break out a sundress!
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