September 13, 2016

Real Couples | Erin and Tim

Erin and Tim have the best engagement story. I think a trip to Hawaii AND a diamond ring is a pretty amazing vacation, wouldn’t you agree? These two love birds are getting married at a private residence in a few short weeks. You might recognize it from Melanie and Sam’s wedding ;). I am very much looking forward to being back on that gorgeous property again!

Erin is my non-nonsense, let’s get this thing done bride. During our very first meeting, while Tim was half asleep (now that I think about it that’s how Tim is every meeting I have with them…), Erin was shooting off all the vendors booked, all the boxes checked, and how much she had done–my wedding planner heart was bursting with love. Their fall wedding should be full of intimate details not only of their lives but their families’ lives as well. I feel so honored to help them make this day happen!

1) How did you two meet? 

We grew up three doors down from each other and so we’ve known each other our whole lives. Tim moved away when he was 15, but we reconnected after college at a party.

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2) How did he propose? 

Tim proposed on Christmas night on Lanakai Beach in Hawaii. We saw two shooting stars on the beach and then he popped the question. It was the best Christmas present ever!

3) What do you think will be your favorite part of your wedding day?

We think our favorite part will be laughing together as our Maid of Honor and Best Man give hilarious speeches (they are characters) and just dancing the night away together with our family and friends.

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4) Can you provide some planning advice to brides in the thick of it right now? 

Brides, it’s your big day with your soulmate! While it is important to be considerate of what others may want for your wedding, it is inevitably your  wedding. Follow your heart and make it true to the celebration of your love as a couple.

5) What are you most looking forward to about married life?

Laughing, learning, and growing together on life’s journey.

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