August 30, 2016

Vendor Spotlight | Hannah Leigh Photography

Pursuit Frederick hosted a headshot swap a few months ago (maybe a year at this point??). After it was over Brittany Thomas and I decided to grab dinner but she said “hey let’s ask Hannah to join us”. While munching on some Mexican food I got to meet Hannah and I just loved her. She talked about her business, her missions trips, and her sweet husband. Fast forward a few months and Hannah joins Brittany as a second shooter for a few weddings we worked together. Move ahead to just last week and we did a styled shoot together. Guys, I am in love. We are still waiting to hear back about publication but I can NOT wait to show you some of these images that Hannah captured. Amazing. For now, come meet Hannah:practice-8

What made you pick up a camera? 
I spent three months in Nairobi, Kenya and kept a photo blog while I was there. My images started making an impact on friends and family and I realized that there was more to photography than just snapping a good picture. The following school year, I returned to Penn State University and decided to study photojournalism. There is power in photography. It can shape people’s opinions and become people’s memories. Being a great photographer is more than taking a good photo, it’s about sharing a story, creating a memory, giving someone a voice. And that’s something I can dedicate my life to!
How did you get started in the wedding industry?
When I graduated from Penn State I decided that I wanted to do something that I not only loved, but that was flexible and custom to who I am. Wedding photography had always been something I thought I might do on the side but I realized the freedom that it held and decided to make it a full time career. Freedom to work from home and freedom to build a small business. But also freedom to create and become the photographer that I wanted to be. And most importantly, to work with clients who were just as excited about my work as I was. I wasn’t in a box anymore, I’m able to be inspired and work on my craft in an artistic way that I never thought I’d be able to do.
What is your shooting style? 
I always tell my clients that I really dislike “cheesy” photos. They make my skin crawl! I’m drawn to authentic moments, wind blown hair and amazing landscapes. Some of my favorite photos are usually simple but they capture a true interaction between a couple. I always hope that my clients can look at their images and see themselves more deeply than just their reflection. They can be reminded of that moment, of a feeling they had.
Who is your ideal bride and groom? 
My ideal bride and groom are adventurous and honest. They want to climb a mountain to watch the sunrise. They enjoy simple things but aren’t afraid of a good adrenaline rush. They are passionate about marriage and about serving each other well. They have a deep love for one another and are open to sharing a bit of their hearts with me.
What is the one thing you wished brides and grooms knew when choosing or working with their photographer? 
If there is ONE thing you shouldn’t skimp out on when planning your wedding it’s photography (And a really awesome planner!!). All the materialistic aspects from your wedding day will be gone and you’ll be left with photos, which will become your memories. You’ll look back at your images and remember the day through them. Make sure the photographers work really speaks to you and be sure that you will enjoy their presence. They will be with you for your entire wedding day!
How can wedding planners and photographers work together for the best outcome?
Working with a great planner is essential to a seamless wedding day. Photographers tend to wear way too many hats if there isn’t a wedding planner. When it comes to the planner/photographer relationship, communicating well is so important. If the planner is ready for the next part of the day but the photographer is falling behind, you can have a bit of a disaster. Being on the same page and both sticking to the timeline is super important! But having a lot of grace and a little flexibility is always nice 🙂
What is one quirky thing people don’t know about you?
I’m always on to the next thing. Growing up, my family vacationed at Rehoboth Beach. I’d be all excited to get to the ocean only to get bored 30 minutes in and want to know what we were planning to do that evening. It drove my parents nuts! My dad always told me to “enjoy the process” and that’s started to become my life modo. Being futuristic can be great when it comes to building a business and having a plan, but when you’re stuck in a season for an uncomfortable amount of time it can be agonizing. Being overly futuristic is a lot like wishing your life away only to realize you’ll never actually get “there”. I’m learning to enjoy the process and appreciate each season I find myself in.
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