July 5, 2016

Personal| Quitting my 9-5

I am sitting here typing this still in awe of the fact that I did it.

I was sitting on the shuttle from my parking lot to my office building and that small voice inside me said, without a hint of hesitation, “today is the day”. Friends, I had no plans to quit that day. Heck, I didn’t even talk to my husband about it. (I mean we had talked about it but in that one day sense) I texted him that I was going to quit today. His answer “don’t you have to give them two weeks notice?” Yes, I am not leaving  in a blaze of glory.

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And that was it. I walked into my office and typed up my resignation letter. I think once I hit print was when my hands started to sweat and my heart started to race. HOLY CRAP I AM DOING THIS! I am trusting myself. I am putting my marriage first. I am doing all the things I promised to myself when I first started this adventure. Holy crap, I am doing this.

The past three weeks have been a whirlwind with project plans, goodbye emails, succession planning, and trying to explain everything you have been responsible for for the past two years. Oh, and let’s not forget I also helped Christina and Andrew & Amanda and Min (both blog posts are coming soon) get married while all of that was happening too. Phew.

For most people doing the laundry and grocery shopping aren’t #lifegoals. But let me tell you, I can’t wait to grocery shop without weekend crowds, start my own garden, finish laundry before I am out of clean underwear, and just feel in control of dog hair tumbleweeds. I would love to say that I am instantly going to start this great, new “routine” BUT I have to help Katie and Mitch get married today at the beautiful Saint Mary City State House.

For now, I have this running list of “someday” projects that I never thought I could start on, but, tomorrow is a new day full of nothing but potential. I want to end this without sounding like a weird Oscars acceptance speech but thank you to every person who has been by my side through this journey. My clients, my husband, my friends (specifically Brittany Thomas–I literally would not be in the position if it wasn’t for her), my parents for believing in me, and every single person who encouraged me or taught me something. I am SO excited to keep learning and growing in this industry!!


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