May 3, 2016

Vendor Highlight | Memento and Muse

Welcome gifts seem to be the new “it” thing in wedding planning & you know what? I am loving it. I could spend hours and lots of money picking out just the right gift for my friends and family. Why should your wedding be any different? Through the power of social media I connected with Melinda, owner of Memento & Muse. We worked together to carefully craft welcome gifts for my clients. I have received nothing but wonderful feedback from my brides. I love making that first impression to them that says “I’m here, relax, and enjoy the ride rather than stressing”.


1) Can you explain what your business is/does?

Memento & Muse is a boutique gifting studio specializing in custom gift collections for wedding parties and guestsbusinesses, workshops, and other events. At the core, we strive to create moments of genuine delight (and hopefully inspire a spirit of meaningful generosity) by partnering with individuals and businesses who appreciate exceptionally designed gifts….while saving our busy clients a lot of valuable time in the process. (And for those looking just for one gift here and there, you can also find pre-designed gift boxes online in the Memento & Muse gift shop!)
2) Why should brides and grooms pay special attention to welcome gifts?
Almost every wedding involves a number of guests traveling in to celebrate with you (usually at their expense), and a special welcome gift waiting in their hotel rooms is an excellent way to honor your guests and express your appreciation for their time and effort…especially when the hustle and bustle of the big day might make it hard to communicate that in person. The most meaningful welcome gifts often reflect certain elements of the bride and groom’s story, while also adding to the convenience and comfort of your guests’ stay. For a truly memorable welcome gift, be sure to consider these 6 ingredients: something sweet, something savory, something to sip, a meaningful memento, useful welcome information (schedule and transportation details, etc.), and helpful little essentials such as single-use packs of aspirin, travel tissues, etc. Of course, coming up with a thoughtful collection and assembling all the gifts can take up quite a bit of time! Working with a gifting studio like Memento & Muse is a great way to honor your guests, bridesmaids, and groomsmen without the stress of throwing it all together yourself at the last minute.

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3) For the creatives; how can you assist in their client experience?
One of my favorite parts of this job is working with fellow creative entrepreneurs and other businesses to design client appreciation gifts and event attendee gifts that people not only love, but remember. As a former marketing director, I used to be tasked with ordering lame corporate swag that I just knew was destined for the trash bin…what a sad waste of resources, no? Now that I’m a custom gift designer (and a not-so-secret branding nerd), one of my top priorities is to create gifting experiences that the recipients will truly enjoy, while also reflecting my clients’ brands in an authentic, professional and memorable way. It’s important that this branding consistency plays out not just in the types of curated goods that go in the gifts, but also in the customized artisanal packaging on the outside. Beautiful presentation is a signature element of the Memento & Muse experience, and in fact, clients frequently tell me that people almost don’t want spoil the gifts by opening them! But they always do, of course. 😉 Overall, I think what many of my clients especially love is that Memento & Muse frees up their time to get back to the rest of their lives, without having to sacrifice what I like to call “living graciously.” (Maybe it’s spending more time with loved ones, or for our corporate clients, it’s having more time to focus on core business practices.) When you can infuse the lives of others with delight in a meaningful, memorable way – all while saving yourself valuable time in the process – I think that’s a win-win for everyone involved

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