March 22, 2016

Wedding Planning | Choosing your Venue

I would argue that choosing your wedding venue is the single most important decision of your wedding planning process. The venue sets the theme for the entire wedding! Do you want a urban, lush, high-end wedding? Well, hosting it in a barn with acres of open fields will not provide you that ambiance. The same can be said for providing mason jars at a downtown loft. When deciding on your venue think about the experience you want to provide your friends and family. It is also important to think about you as a couple. Just because cowboy boots were trendy doesn’t mean you should wear them; tell YOUR story through your wedding, not a Pinterest version of your wedding.

Now that I have set the base, I have asked my friends Betsy and Paige (co-owners of The Farm at Eagles Ridge) to continue explaining some important factors to take into consideration when choosing your venue:

  1. Ambiance & Style – Pay attention to the existing décor and architectural style of the venue. How do you feel when you’re walking around? Does the venue convey the look and feel that you want for your special day? The venue is the backdrop for your wedding day, and you want to make sure you pick one that is easy for you to work with and bring your vision to life.

    Michael and Carina Photography

    Michael and Carina Photography

  2. Budget – When you’re touring different venues, be sure to ask them what exactly is included in the package and what you will need to hire outside vendors to provide. If they require you to use a certain caterer, be sure to see what their pricing is. Are parking attendants provided? Is set up and tear down of tables and chairs included? Questions like this will help you determine how much your overall cost will be and if the venue will work within your budget. (If I might add, this is where having a wedding planner is crucial. We read the contracts and examine that contract for any gaps that the bride and groom may not think about)


    Brittany Thomas Photography

  3. Capacity – Before you begin your venue search, put together a rough draft of a guest list so you can estimate about how many guests you will be inviting. Then, when you’re touring the venue, talk to them about their maximum capacity and also find out what they think is the best guest count in the space – these two answers can be very different! Find a venue that you feel comfortable with your guest count fitting, whether you’re squeezing everyone in or leaving plenty of room between guest tables.
    Brittany Thomas Photography

    Brittany Thomas Photography

    All of these are important aspects to think about when planning your wedding but there are definitely more! Every venue offers its’ unique set of challenges but with the right vendor team on board your wedding can and will be incredible!



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