August 13, 2015

Education | Designed & Styled

For those of you who follow me on Instagram you saw a few sneak peeks of this post!

On July 26th and 27th I attended an AH-MAZING workshop about styling and floral design hosted by Kat from Dear Sweetheart Events and Amanda Veronee. ::Before I go any further I need to give a public shout-out to my mother in-law, if it wasn’t for her I would not have been able to attend this workshop. Lois, thank you!:: I have always had an interest with working with florals and I knew my styling skills could use some finesse so when this workshop popped up I knew it was meant to be!

It was held at Amanda’s house (an adorable lakefront home) and there were attendees from all over the country—no, really–they were from VA, NC, NE, and MD. The workshop started with a welcome dinner, Amanda makes a mean lasagna! This allowed all the participants to really get to know each other and conversation started so easily! There is something so amazing being around people who share your same passions, same struggles, and understand the highs and lows of this industry. We immediately started sharing tips and I honestly felt totally and completely surrounded by #communityovercompetition.

This picture was taken before some styling tips from Kat! 🙂 –yes this whole post is iPhone pictures


We started bright and early the next day with breakfast and mimosas (because what kind of workshop would it be without mimosas?!) We were welcomed by gifts from Marigold and Grey! Kat explained some principles for styling and Instagram tips; and then we went right to work experimenting with some of the skills she told us.


The first part of our floral education was next: designing a pergola. So, real talk, when I first look into this workshop THIS was the most intimating part to me. I have never done anything like this, at all, ever. I am sending HUGE praises to Amanda. She is a patient teacher and also makes everything look so effortless. You truly have a gift girl! Here are a few in-progress pictures of the pergola:













We transitioned to making our bouquets. I loved it! The colors, the theme…ahh everything was gorgeous!!


From there we worked on centerpieces. I totally forgot to take pictures of them but guys, there were tiny pineapples in them. TINY PINEAPPLES!

Lastly, Katelyn James came to take our head shots with our bouquets! I loved this picture so much I just had to share it! (Clearly not an iPhone picture)

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The conclusion of the workshop was a styled shoot that is super top secret!!

I left the workshop literally sitting on cloud nine. I came in unsure of myself, unsure of why I am working so many late nights, and honestly ready to give up. This workshop gave me a shot in the arm and the boost of confidence I needed. I can honestly say I have worked harder for my brides since then, I burned the midnight oil to get this site up, and I am working to streamline processes. Kat and Amanda—thank you. I am sure you hear those words a lot but I hope my post conveys HOW thankful I am. To my brides that have entrusted me to do some floral work for them—I am ready. Let’s do this thing!



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