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Can everyone please join me in giving Rachel and Andrew a giant virtual hug? You see, Rachel and Andrew were supposed to get married at Elk Manor in a few short weeks. In case you aren’t aware, Elk Manor abruptly closed their doors and kept all the money brides had paid them. I believe in karma. I believe in karma. I believe in karma.

These two have taken the news as best to be expected. However, they never lost sight of the true meaning of their wedding day. They are pledging to love each other through the good times and bad. (Even if that means, for now, the bad is wedding planning itself)

12998585_10209346163597905_3570308388211332289_nP I N I T

The Pros

1) How did you two meet? 

We actually met on We talked for a couple of weeks and our first date was at Libratore’s Italian Restaurant.

2) How did he propose? 

The proposal happened on the day after Thanksgiving, 2015. A family tradition during Andrew’s childhood was to select and cut down the family Christmas tree on the day after Thanksgiving. He arranged for my family to be there to help pick out the tree. Once we found the tree he pretended that someone had left something in the tree ,pulled out the ring, got on one knee, and proposed.

13063196_10209346159437801_6032166632040878706_oP I N I T

The Pros

3) What do you think will be your favorite part of your wedding day?

The best part of our wedding day will be marrying my best friend. Knowing that no matter what, through thick and thin, I will have someone by my side for the rest of my life.

13063427_10209346159517803_1387353641737903953_oP I N I T

The Pros

4) Can you provide some planning advice to brides in the thick of it right now?

The best advice to give would be not to rush planning the wedding. There are plenty of things couples get to enjoy during the planning process. Remember that you’re in this together and that your love for each other is what brought everything about.

5) What are you most looking forward to about married life?

The things we look most forward to in married life are building a life together, starting a family, and growing old together.

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I am so excited to finally be able to share these images with you! Way back when, White Glove Rentals was having their opening party. As a shy newbie I showed up (terrified, but I showed up) and met sweet Manda Weaver! It was an incredible compliment when she told ME that she had been following my work and would love to do a shoot with me. SAY WHAT?! I had done one shoot at that point. We exchanged cards and I told myself that 2016 was going to be year I put myself out there. So I did.

A few months of planning, lack of hair and make-up artists, our model getting strep the day of the shoot, and almost getting shut down by the Park Police; we produced this shoot. Manda and I are passionate about marriages not just weddings. The commitment made that day is bigger than the dress, the food, or the table linens. It is a promise to wake up every day choosing to love your spouse for better or for worse.

Photography: Manda Weaver Photography

Planner: Sara Reynolds Events

Florals: The Little Garden Spot

Watercolor Vows: Ribbon & Ink 

Furniture Rentals: Vintage Affairs, LLC

Cake: Whipped! Cakes

Dress: Rent the Runway 

Washington-DC-Anniversary-Wedding-Photos-2P I N I T Washington-DC-Anniversary-Wedding-Photos-4P I N I T Washington-DC-Anniversary-Wedding-Photos-7P I N I T Washington-DC-Anniversary-Wedding-Photos-16P I N I T Washington-DC-Anniversary-Wedding-Photos-17P I N I T Washington-DC-Anniversary-Wedding-Photos-19P I N I T Washington-DC-Anniversary-Wedding-Photos-34P I N I T Washington-DC-Anniversary-Wedding-Photos-43P I N I T Washington-DC-Anniversary-Wedding-Photos-70P I N I T Washington-DC-Anniversary-Wedding-Photos-73P I N I T Washington-DC-Anniversary-Wedding-Photos-86P I N I T Washington-DC-Anniversary-Wedding-Photos-90P I N I T Washington-DC-Anniversary-Wedding-Photos-98P I N I T Washington-DC-Anniversary-Wedding-Photos-110P I N I T Washington-DC-Anniversary-Wedding-Photos-113P I N I T Washington-DC-Anniversary-Wedding-Photos-122P I N I T

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Lura and John are married y’all. Finally. The one consistent theme during the toasts from the best man and maid of honor was how they never thought this day would come. But it did. It was a hot & humid August day where the air was thick and felt like a second layer of skin. The bridal suite was full of giggles and anticipation as Lura stepped into her dress. John eagerly waited in the groom’s suite always asking if it was time to get dressed and see his bride. And then the first look happened. The bridesmaids looked on from the kitchen windows with squeals and tears. Lura truly had some of the best girls by her side that day. Oh, and the father/daughter dance?! Cue the waterworks, folks. I knew this family for a short while but I saw how fiercely that Papa Bear loved his cubs.

On a personal level this wedding day was full of accomplishments. First, it was my 30th birthday. I was a bit hesitant to take on this wedding, at first. I mean who doesn’t want to celebrate their 30th birthday?! But I WAS celebrated by a great couple and their gracious family. I got a birthday card and a totally awkward birthday dance in the middle of the reception :). Lura and John also completely trusted me with their floral design. It was so fun to walk her through the process of choosing her flowers, picking them up and then watching the buckets of blooms transformed into exactly what we had talked about in our consults. I was so proud to bring everything to the venue!

Venue: Walkers Overlook

Photography: Brittany Thomas Photography

Wedding Planning & Floral Design: Sara Reynolds Events

Catering: Zeffert & Gold

DJ & Photo Booth: J White Productions

Hair and Make-up: Down the Aisle in Style 

Transportation: A Touch of Class 

Cake & Cupcakes: Kupcakes & Co.

John&Lura-20P I N I T John&Lura-45P I N I T John&Lura-53P I N I T John&Lura-58P I N I T John&Lura-64P I N I T John&Lura-89P I N I T John&Lura-100P I N I T John&Lura-102P I N I T John&Lura-129P I N I T John&Lura-179P I N I T John&Lura-195P I N I T John&Lura-233P I N I T John&Lura-247P I N I T John&Lura-387P I N I T John&Lura-415P I N I T John&Lura-571P I N I T John&Lura-613P I N I T John&Lura-687P I N I T John&Lura-842P I N I T John&Lura-853P I N I T John&Lura-877P I N I T John&Lura-998P I N I T John&Lura-1044P I N I T

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Bettina and JP are getting married at my FAVORITE place, ever. The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. They are planning an elegant, classic, nautical wedding at Navy Point. They have hired some top notch vendors to make their day happen; it is going to be an amazing day and I can’t hardly wait! For now, get to know this sweet couple <3

IMG_8981P I N I T

How did you two meet?

We met at a summer BBQ through friends, very much the old fashioned way after online dating in a big city failed us both.  I brought veggie kebabs and approached the two guys manning the grill — one of them now my handsome fiance, and the other JP’s amazing cousin and best man — and asked if they wouldn’t mind adding a few green items to the mix.  The meat-lovers obliged.  Although JP and I are different in many respects, we were both instantly intrigued by one another.  That connection quickly grew into a relationship and it’s been the best journey together ever since.

How did he propose?

JP proposed at the Inn at Perry Cabin on the Eastern Shore of Maryland on a brisk December afternoon.  He surprised me with a weekend getaway touted as trip to relieve some stress before a big move we had planned the following weekend.  Before dinner, he suggested we enjoy a glass of wine on the grounds overlooking the Miles River.  He had a bench beautifully decorated and he handed me a small gift — I love Christmas ornaments and JP had worked with his dad to design two special ornaments — the first said “B” (my nickname) and the second “Marry me?”.  When I looked up (after bursting into happy tears), he was on one knee.  It was one of the happiest moments of our lives and a day we will never forgot.

IMG_9767P I N I T

What do you think will be your favorite part of the wedding day?

We feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to get married in beautiful St. Michaels, a town that holds such a special place in our hearts.  In many ways it’s where our story began — it’s where we took our first weekend trip as a couple and where JP proposed last December.  Having St. Michaels as the backdrop on our wedding day will definitely be one of the highlights for both of us.

IMG_8630P I N I T

Can you provide planning advice to brides in the thick of it right now? 

Our biggest piece of advice to couples embarking on the planning process is to take a moment before all the craziness begins to prioritize what are the most important aspects of your wedding and what, if push comes to shove, you can live without.  We picked 3 or 4 things at the start — e.g., a great band, delicious food (crab cakes!), beautiful photography, and of course, a wonderful planner — and they became guideposts as we navigated decisions about how to shape our big day.

What are you most looking forward to about married life?

Growing as a couple as we continue to build our life together.  We recently bought a house and are looking forward to making it our own, enjoying married life, and eventually starting a family.

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I am still not ok that this wedding is over. You see, Amanda and Min are one of the first clients I ever booked! Amanda was ON TOP of her game and booked me way back in May 2015 for her June 2016 wedding (girl after my own heart). For the longest time it felt like her wedding was never going to come and then boom it was May 2016!

I loved all the elegant details that Amanda planned for the wedding from the ornate centerpieces to the string quartet. Every piece of Amanda and Min’s wedding matched the elegant Strong Mansion backdrop. Her hair was swept up in a classy french twist and her ballroom gown had me thinking of Disney princesses all night. Oh, and can we talk about their clever hashtag?! Min’s last name is Aung. Their hashtag was #straungwedding (for Strong Mansion, get it?!). The little things amuse me. (Make sure you scroll to the bottom and check out what Min had planned for his groomsmen!)

Venue: Strong Mansion

Photographer: Brittany Thomas Photography

Wedding Coordinator: Sara Reynolds Events

Catering: Canapés Catering

Cake: Wegman’s

Florals: Scentsational Florals

Limo: A Touch of Class

Hair and Make-up: Structures Salon

DJ: Shew-sical Entertainment

String Quartet: Carlisle String Quartet

Amanda+Min-20P I N I T Amanda+Min-31P I N I T Amanda+Min-39P I N I T Amanda+Min-74P I N I T Amanda+Min-143P I N I T Amanda+Min-156P I N I T Amanda+Min-202P I N I T Amanda+Min-226P I N I T Amanda+Min-246P I N I T Amanda+Min-267P I N I T Amanda+Min-268P I N I T Amanda+Min-317P I N I T Amanda+Min-540P I N I T Amanda+Min-640P I N I T Amanda+Min-647P I N I T Amanda+Min-659P I N I T Amanda+Min-664P I N I T Amanda+Min-737P I N I T Amanda+MinP I N I T


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