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I am jumping back into my vendor spotlight series (it has been on somewhat of a hiatus while wedding season was going on)! The Silver Swan Bayside is this hidden gem venue that I recently had the chance to visit. Wow, friends, wow…the unobstructed views of the Bay! I think I have a new venue crush!

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Lauren Werkheiser Photography

What sets your venue apart from other waterfront properties?

Customer service. We provide hospitality and an experience of a lifetime. We only do one event at a time, so our clients don’t have to worry about anything and all of our focus is on them. Your sales person is with you from start to finish and executes your event, no passing off or working with someone who doesn’t know you. (This is crucial! Not all venues do this. You can be working with someone for 12+ months and on the day-of only have a person who has been “briefed”)

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Lauren Werkheiser Photography

Why should I get married at Silver Swan Bayside?

We have the best views of the Chesapeake! We have the highest standards and commitment to hospitality; our focus is on our clients. We provide the complete package of breath-taking beautiful surroundings, excellent food, service with care and friendly sales managers that get to know their clients.

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Lauren Werkheiser Photography

What is your favorite “part” of your venue? 

The view! And the quiet, remote location; we are a destination close to the major cities, it’s a getaway without the drive!

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Lauren Werkheiser Photography

What is one piece of advice you would provide to brides and grooms?

Work with a professional that knows their stuff, who has good connections and gives you a vibe of really caring about your special day.

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Lauren Werkheiser Photography

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I miss this couple. Good thing we have plans at the Tiki Barge next week (high five)!

When I originally received Christina’s inquiry it was extremely formal. I am pretty sure she addressed it “Dear Mrs. Reynolds”. She said she wanted a Baltimore wedding but wasn’t sure of what else. I was a little nervous to meet them but I prepared for the meeting by gathering some information about venues. I knew, even before the meeting, that I was dying to work at Mt. Washington Mill Dye House…it has so much potential!

Apparently I spoke Christina’s love language because I told her and Andrew to meet me at Starbucks. We chatted a bit about the wedding and she knew she wanted an indoor forest/garden as her theme. I then asked her the golden question: “Have you looked at venues yet?” FRIENDS, she slide across a picture of Mt. Washington Mill Dye House and said that was really the only one she had looked at and she loved it. The skies opened and the angels sang. Ok, just kidding but I knew right at that exact moment (never mind all the great conversations leading up to that point) that these were my ideal clients. We had such an incredible relationship all throughout the planning process and were totally in sync the entire time. They were relaxed, in love, knew what they wanted, and had such genuine joy leading up to their wedding day. The wedding day was amazing. We nailed the indoor forest theme! Her friends and family were so gracious and had such a great time at the wedding. Honestly, I would plan this wedding again and again and again…

Photography: Brittany Thomas Photography (Second Shooter: Hannah Leigh Photography)

Wedding Planning: Sara Reynolds Events

Church: The Shrine of the Sacred Heart

Venue: Mt. Washington Mill Dye House

Catering & Cake: Linwood’s Catering

Floral Design: My Flower Box Events

Lighting: Event Dynamics

Invitations: Paper in the Park

Furniture Rentals: 2Hands Studio

Hair and Make-up: Down the Aisle in Style 

Rentals: Select Event Rentals

Canopy and Tree Rentals: Plants Alive!

Signage: Buffy Weddings

Andrew+Christina-30P I N I T Andrew+Christina-37P I N I T Andrew+Christina-45P I N I T Andrew+Christina-49P I N I T Andrew+Christina-165P I N I T Andrew+Christina-243P I N I T Andrew+Christina-253P I N I T Andrew+Christina-307P I N I T Andrew+Christina-331P I N I T Andrew+Christina-369P I N I T Andrew+Christina-380P I N I T Andrew+Christina-408P I N I T Andrew+Christina-462P I N I T Andrew+Christina-608P I N I T Andrew+Christina-645P I N I T Andrew+Christina-772P I N I T Andrew+Christina-824P I N I T Andrew+Christina-834P I N I T Andrew+Christina-849P I N I T Andrew+Christina-896P I N I T Andrew+Christina-930P I N I T Andrew+Christina-991P I N I T Andrew+Christina-998P I N I T

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Wedding planning is an awesome job. You meet brides that are so in love with planning their wedding and then you meet brides like sweet Lura (haha, love you girl). I met with Lura, John, her sister, and her parents on New Year’s Eve. They had been engaged for quite some time at that point (a year?) and they had booked the venue and the DJ…that’s it. Needless to say, with only a few months to go, we hit the ground running to find a photographer, catering, florals, etc. Their Walkers Overlook wedding in a few short weeks is going to be amazing and so full of love! I can’t wait!

Lura+John-84P I N I T

How did you two meet?

We met at Towson University.  Both of our friend groups spent a lot of time together our freshman year.  We started dating thanks to a crazy trip to the ER when I thought I had appendicitis.  Needless to say I ended up fine but he went with me to the hospital in the ambulance and stayed with me during my stay.  He even went so far to buy me flowers and walk with them to the hospital the next day.

How did he propose?
John proposed to me on Christmas Day.  He had bought me a present that I opened that morning and told me there was a second one I had to open in front of my family.  Since they are always messing around at my expense I figured it was a gag gift and didn’t think that much about it.  After my family had opened all the other gifts, John told me I needed to open my last gift.  Then my dad pulled out his phone and I hesitantly opened the box.  Inside was a small wooden house that John asked his father to build. (John and I had previously agreed that we wanted a house before marriage).  My mom then joked that there was probably a key to the apartment we were living at inside.  When I opened the top of the house there was a jewelry box inside. John got down on one knee and proposed.   Afterwards, I learned that when we were visiting my grandmother’s house that morning John had asked my dad for permission to marry me.  It was a wonderful Christmas gift and I am so glad my dad was able to capture the video.
What do you think will be your favorite part of the wedding day?
 I can’t wait to celebrate with all of our friends and family.  I think that the reception will probably be my favorite part since our friends love to party.  I am also looking forward to all the pictures that we will have.  John’s favorite part will be the post-dinner antics that I am sure he and his friends will get into.
Can you provide planning advice to brides in the thick of it right now?
 My advice is don’t put anything off.  I am so good as pushing things off and its not worth it.  You feel so much better when you can check those things off of your to-do list.  Also don’t be afraid to ask for help and lots of it.  There are so many people who want to help it can be overwhelming but as soon as you delegate you can enjoy the planning process.  John says get a wedding planner because its a mess without one!
What are you most looking forward to about married life?
John and I have been together for so long that sometimes it feels like we already are married!  I am looking forward to taking on a new last name and continuing to work on our home.  John says he looks forward to not being hassled about when he is going to get married.  I think he is also looking forward to not being asked for another opinion about the wedding!
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I am sitting here typing this still in awe of the fact that I did it.

I was sitting on the shuttle from my parking lot to my office building and that small voice inside me said, without a hint of hesitation, “today is the day”. Friends, I had no plans to quit that day. Heck, I didn’t even talk to my husband about it. (I mean we had talked about it but in that one day sense) I texted him that I was going to quit today. His answer “don’t you have to give them two weeks notice?” Yes, I am not leaving  in a blaze of glory.

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Michael and Carina Photography

And that was it. I walked into my office and typed up my resignation letter. I think once I hit print was when my hands started to sweat and my heart started to race. HOLY CRAP I AM DOING THIS! I am trusting myself. I am putting my marriage first. I am doing all the things I promised to myself when I first started this adventure. Holy crap, I am doing this.

The past three weeks have been a whirlwind with project plans, goodbye emails, succession planning, and trying to explain everything you have been responsible for for the past two years. Oh, and let’s not forget I also helped Christina and Andrew & Amanda and Min (both blog posts are coming soon) get married while all of that was happening too. Phew.

For most people doing the laundry and grocery shopping aren’t #lifegoals. But let me tell you, I can’t wait to grocery shop without weekend crowds, start my own garden, finish laundry before I am out of clean underwear, and just feel in control of dog hair tumbleweeds. I would love to say that I am instantly going to start this great, new “routine” BUT I have to help Katie and Mitch get married today at the beautiful Saint Mary City State House.

For now, I have this running list of “someday” projects that I never thought I could start on, but, tomorrow is a new day full of nothing but potential. I want to end this without sounding like a weird Oscars acceptance speech but thank you to every person who has been by my side through this journey. My clients, my husband, my friends (specifically Brittany Thomas–I literally would not be in the position if it wasn’t for her), my parents for believing in me, and every single person who encouraged me or taught me something. I am SO excited to keep learning and growing in this industry!!


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Oh, Mel and Sam, my heart misses talking to you almost every day.

They live in California, therefore, all the planning was done long distance. I met them in-person once before their wedding. Every aspect of planning her wedding was based on her trusting me completely. I am so thankful for our relationship. Her wedding was rustic, elegant, dripping in florals (that arch-all the heart eyes) and fun from start to finish. I have never worked with a bride that truly took in every moment of her wedding day and had such genuine, relaxed JOY marrying her best friend. The only thing about this day that I would have changed is the weather. It was 800 million degrees but Mel and Sam were flawless throughout the entire day. (Charm City Wed also loved this wedding and it was featured there yesterday!)

Venue: Private Residence

Photographer: Brittany Thomas Photography

Wedding Planner: Sara Reynolds Events

Catering: Zeffert and Gold

Videographer: Thirty1 Films

Florals: Intrigue Designs

DJ: Derek Romanoff

Hair and Make-up: Alison Harper & Co.

Invitations and Signage: Catharine Perry Designs

Officiant: Services of Distinction

Furniture Rentals: 2Hands Studio

Cake: Kupcakes and Co.

Draping and Lighting: Event Pro

Photo Booth: Monumental Moments

CiminoWedding-Vendors_0009P I N I T CiminoWedding-Vendors_0075P I N I T CiminoWedding-Vendors_0038P I N I T CiminoWedding-Vendors_0062P I N I T CiminoWedding-Vendors_0061P I N I T CiminoWedding-Vendors_0018P I N I T CiminoWedding-Vendors_0005P I N I T CiminoWedding-Vendors_0058P I N I T CiminoWedding-Vendors_0023P I N I T CiminoWedding-Vendors_0043P I N I T CiminoWedding-Vendors_0015P I N I T CiminoWedding-Vendors_0013P I N I T CiminoWedding-Vendors_0041P I N I T CiminoWedding-Vendors_0007P I N I T CiminoWedding-Vendors_0084P I N I T CiminoWedding-Vendors_0090P I N I T CiminoWedding-Vendors_0199P I N I T CiminoWedding-Vendors_0067P I N I T CiminoWedding-Vendors_0197P I N I T

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