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Allow me to introduce you to Ashleigh & Brian! Ashleigh is the owner of Type A Invitations. Her work is phenomenal. Seriously, go check her out! These two sweethearts are getting married on New Years Eve in the Baltimore World Trade Center. We will be front row center for the fireworks over Inner Harbor. This is going to be quite the party and I am so excited to help make her vision come true!

ashleighbrianengagement0055-webP I N I T

How did you two meet? 

Brian and I met on the internet. The extended version is here. (Seriously, you should look at this JUST to see Brian’s picture from his OK Cupid profile, you won’t regret it!) 

How did he propose? 

We had just finished signing all the closing papers on our first home and headed over to our new home! We get to the house and Brian walked me to the back door, out onto our deck, and our entire backyard is filled with family and friends. I see my parents (whom I believed to be in Myrtle Beach) and then my sister (supposed to be in an all-day meeting) and then Brian grabbed my hand and got onto one knee. Before I even had time to absorb what was happening, Brian pulled a small box from his pocket, opened it and said, “Ashleigh Nicole Meusel, will you marry me?” webashleighbrianproposal06P I N I T

What do you think will be your favorite part of your wedding day? 

The moment that Brian’s first sees me when I’m being walked down the aisle by my dad.

Can you provide some planning advice to brides in the thick of it right now? 

Take a deep breath…or 5! And remember that this day is about more than the table cloth material, what the cake looks like, and if you have uplighting or not. It’s about you and your fiancé’s love for each other, making an eternal bond, and celebrating with those closest to you. That’s what’s most important.

2016-10-19_0002P I N I T

What are you most looking forward to about married life? 

Even though I’m incredibly independent and have very progressive views about women’s rights and our roles in marriage – I’m really looking forward to being able to say that I’m “Mrs. Brian Robinson.” It makes me so proud that I’ll be able to say that I am Brian’s wife because he’s such an amazing man. Adding that title to my identity is an honor.

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Get ready to “ooh” and “ahh” over Alicia and Ian’s travel-themed wedding at Stone Manor Country Club! Do you remember them from their blog post? These two LOVE to travel–I mean they went to Fiji, Australia, and New Zealand for their honeymoon (I tried really hard to convince them I fold easily in a suitcase and to take me with them; they weren’t into it) & got engaged in Paris! This was another picture perfect wedding day and makes me so grateful for this job.

Everyone arrived at Stone Manor Country Club giddy with excitement. I immediately went to work unpacking all of Alicia’s details–globes, travel tags, mini Eiffel Towers, suitcases, there was not a detail she hadn’t thought about. The first look was filled with massive smiles and maybe a few tears. The bridesmaids looked on with such joy and then joined them for some gorgeous bridal party photos. The ceremony had so many personal stories woven throughout, the cocktail hour was filled with amazing music (guys, they requested Bone Thugs and Harmony, it was epic), and then the real party started. The dance floor was packed all night! Even long after the last dance guests were mingling about and commented about what an amazing wedding day it was. Alicia and Ian–thank you for coming back into my life and allowing me to help with your love story!

Venue: Stone Manor Country Club

Catering: Carriage House Catering

Coordinator: Sara Reynolds Events 

Photographer: Alicia Lacey Photography

Videography: BE Videography

Flowers: Sweet Blossoms

Cake: Sugar Bakers

stonemanorccwedding_ai-641P I N I T

stonemanorccwedding_ai-195P I N I T stonemanorccwedding_ai-10P I N I T stonemanorccwedding_ai-29P I N I T stonemanorccwedding_ai-33P I N I T stonemanorccwedding_ai-36P I N I T stonemanorccwedding_ai-39P I N I T stonemanorccwedding_ai-281P I N I T stonemanorccwedding_ai-289P I N I T stonemanorccwedding_ai-334P I N I T stonemanorccwedding_ai-51P I N I T stonemanorccwedding_ai-89P I N I T stonemanorccwedding_ai-97P I N I T

stonemanorccwedding_ai-287P I N I T

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This sweet, sweet couple is getting married in less than a month! Nicole contacted me a few months ago because she hit “the wall”. The infamous wedding planning wall; where making decisions is no longer fun anymore and if one more person asks for your opinion you will freak out. She had gotten to the point where she needed to book a florist. Guys, if you don’t know flowers then flowers are very overwhelming. That was Nicole. We met for our consult and she pulled out The Knot color swatch chart and started obsessing between these two shades of purple. I think when I grabbed the colors away from her, told her to take a big breath, and that none of that was needed she felt a million times better. So here we are with a booked florist, all decisions made, and just finishing up the last minute decor items! These two are so in love and I can’t wait for their wedding day!! (Also, can we talk about their adorable snowy engagement session?

img_6658_psP I N I T

Cronin Hill Photography

 How did you two meet? 

We met in high school math class. He sat next to me and thought I was cute so he asked my friend for my number. And we haven’t stopped talking since 🙂

How did he propose? 
He proposed with a scavenger hunt on November 27, 2015 (Black Friday). Black Friday is my favorite day of the year and I went shopping with my mom and sister in the morning. Then Christine (his sister) met up with us and we went to go get our nails done. He had a dozen glitter dusted roses waiting for me at the nail salon with the first clue. I had two other clues and then I found him waiting for me at the end of the scavenger hunt. He proposed in front of a fireplace at a local winery it was so perfect. (Guys, I love this, like, more than I can tell you)
img_7009_ps-editP I N I T

Cronin Hill Photography

What do you think will be your favorite part of your wedding day?
 I think my favorite part of our wedding day will be having everyone we love in the same room at the same time. I’m excited to see everyone dancing and drinking and eating and having a really good time in Pennsylvania all because Tom and I fell in love!
Can you provide some planning advice to brides in the thick of it right now? (Disclaimer: I did not tell her to say this)
My planning advice would be definitely DEFINITELY have a wedding planner. If you’re a bride like me and can’t stand up for yourself, you need a wedding planner. Even if you can stand up for yourself, it gets really overwhelming and things you didn’t think would take a lot of effort- do. Sara has really made the whole wedding planning process so much easier and more enjoyable! Tom and I say all the time we don’t know how this wedding would have happened without Sara! I also suggest using Vistaprint! The call service is amazing. They can design you anything you want and it’s so affordable! I’m a little obsessed with them!
img_7151_ps-editP I N I T

Cronin Hill Photography

What are you most looking forward to about married life?
We’re most looking forward to being able to officially call each other husband and wife. We are also looking forward to having a partner for the rest of our lives, in good times and bad we will always have each other, no matter what. It might sound stupid but wedding planning has definitely taught us we need to be a team and be on the same page. It definitely helped us grow as a couple and has made things outside wedding planning easier because now we know how to balance each other’s strengths and weakness and it really showed us that we function better together than apart. (Can you see why I love them? They get it. Your wedding is so much more than one day. It is your start to forever. Your marriage means so much more than one day)
Stay tuned for their beautiful wedding day at Wyndridge Farm!
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Do you ever have a moment when everything is so perfect that surely something must go wrong soon? That is how I felt all day during Elyse and Kyle’s wedding. It was seriously one of those weddings that I want to box up and unwrap every single day. (Does that make sense?  Absolutely not but go with me here).

Elyse and Kyle were married in September at Elyse’s family church and had their reception at Historic Londontown and Gardens. The weather was absolutely perfect. The ceremony was touching and personal. The food was phenomenal. The flowers were gorgeous. The band kept the dance floor packed all night. (and shout out to the photographer for keeping them ahead of schedule all day) And this couple?! Let me tell you about this couple…I had only met them in person once before their wedding day. And, I fell in love with them. Seriously, I asked Elyse to be my real life friend because she was hilarious. Kyle loves her with every ounce of his being and is so care free. I feel like I don’t have enough positive adjectives in the world to describe these two or their relationship. Guys, move from Arlington so you can be closer to me, ok?

Venue: Historic Londontown & Gardens

Photographer: Tracy Marshall Photography

Catering: Creative Cuisine

Floral Design: Michael Design Florist 

Band: Shartel and Hume Band

View More: I N I T View More: I N I T View More: I N I T View More: I N I T View More: I N I T View More: I N I T View More: I N I T View More: I N I T View More: I N I T

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Are you ready to meet the most adorable couple, ever? Christiana and John came into my life back in April looking for a wedding planner for their wedding in 6 months….6 months! Whew, it has been whirlwind finding them a venue and all other vendors! But through it all these two have stayed totally focused on the marriage and not just the wedding. It has been beautiful getting to know these two kind, Godly people and I can’t wait to watch them say “I do”!
img_7651P I N I T

Chelsea Blanch Photography

1) How did you two meet? 
We met at church!
2) How did he propose? 
I came home from Florida for Easter weekend on a whim. John was picking me up on Good Friday to take me to breakfast . On our way he asked if we could stop by his house to check out the cabinets that he was getting refinished because the cabinet guy had a question on refinishing the inside of the cabinet . Knowing nothing about cabinets I said sure. So we stopped by the house and he asked me to look inside the cabinet. When I opened the cabinet door he had the ring in a box with 2 sunflowers ( my favorite ) crossed. And I looked over and he was on one knee. I was in shock but obviously said YES!
3) What do you think will be your favorite part of your wedding day? 
Getting married of course! I think I am most looking forward to the ceremony & being surrounded by family and friends that love and care about us.
img_7652P I N I T

Chelsea Blanch Photography

4) Can you provide some planning advice to brides in the thick of it right now? 
Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Make sure to schedule dates and spend time with your fiancé NOT discussing wedding details and focus on building your relationship. Your wedding day is important but it’s only 1 day , it will be here and there before you it. Your relationship is more important. Also it’s your wedding ! Get what you want, make it what you love.
img_7650P I N I T

Chelsea Blanch Photography

5) What are you most looking forward to about married life? 
I am most looking forward to having a partner in life, to celebrate in the good times and support each other in the hard times. I’m excited to build memories and our lives together 🙂
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